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In an effort to see people as they are, and not judge them for the sin they may be accused of… I saw this article  Relevant Magazine that truly puts it out there. Blessings, Randi

Hello, My Sin Is …

By Todd Morrison

The problem behind the common Christian policy of “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

Most likely, many of us would not have become followers of Jesus if an us-verses-them philosophy had met us at the church door. Yet if you look at the comment section of my previous article entitled “Can I Come to Your Church? I’m Gay,” it seems some Christians today still want to keep the lines clearly defined. The mantra “Love the sinner, hate the sin” is well-meaning, but it fails in one important aspect: It creates labels for certain sinners, when in reality, we are all guilty of falling short.

Chances are, if you go to church, there is a point in the service where you are asked to stand and introduce yourself to a total stranger. Sometimes they make it easier for us by giving us an icebreaker question to answer, like “Who’s the best father on television?” or “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”

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But what would happen if our churches threw us a curveball this weekend? What if during the meet-and-greet moment, our pastor announced: “Please take a moment and share the sin you’ve been secretly battling with the total stranger standing next to you.”

Would we run for the door never to return? Or, do we believe that our church is a safe place to offload the massive burden of our deepest secrets?

We all carry sin, secrets and pain into church every week. No matter what we do to keep our secrets—our attempts at masking them and the weight of it all is too much for us to bear. The good news is the Church is intended to be a safe place to share our secrets without fear of judgment or abandonment. Not with total strangers during an icebreaker question, but in the community of a few friends, a small group and loving leaders.

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