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On Wednesday, August 2 a press conference  was held discussing the case of Tatyana Hargrove who posted a video back in July alleging police misconduct.

Check out the video on 23 ABC News Bakersfield  by District Attorney Lisa Green said that all charges against Hargrove were dropped.

Here’s the original story: Police Mistook a 19 year old Woman for a Grown Man & Attacked Her! [VIDEO]

Tatyana Hargrove, the young woman who says she was the victim of police brutality while being mistaken for a suspect, has enlisted attorneys to file a legal claim against the city of Bakersfield. Here’s the full news conference they held this morning.

“What happened to Tatyana Hargrove is a serious injustice, but perhaps what is even more troubling is that this appears to be a pattern of conduct by the Bakersfield Police Department,” said attorney Neil K. Gehlawat of Chain | Cohn | Stiles, who is representing Hargrove. “This case is not just about obtaining justice for Tatyana, but about confronting these wider problems.”

Hargrove, her parents, and her attorneys from Chain | Cohn | Stiles hosted a press conference to discuss the claim, and excessive force case that has received national attention, and answered questions about how this experience has affected her and what she hopes to achieve through civil court.

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