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It’s back to school time and Dr. Chrisna Perry has some helpful parenting strategies to help our children be the best they can be at school! “The best time is as soon as children start receiving homework or weekly quizzes, like for spelling and math. Some schools don’t assign homework until 3rd grade, but there are others who begin in kindergarten so it just depends as to exactly when to get started. The idea is to start them early with good habits to help them become successful.” (Source: Black America Web, Dr. Chrisna Perry)

Mother and daughter playing hide and seek


“Parents should MODEL and MONITOR as much as they can! For example, to help with time management, parents can help children prioritize their evening homework routine as to which assignments should be done 1st, 2nd, etc, to ensure that kids tackle the challenging assignments first while their mental energy, mental effort and sustained attention is optimal. Additionally, parents can monitor when kids should take a “brain break” and for how long so it’s just enough to recharge, but not too long in that kids are so distracted that homework take all evening.” (Source: Black America Web, Dr. Chrisna Perry)

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Dr. Chrisna Perry has bundles and bundles of advice for maximizing parenting. Schoolwork is so parents. I advise all parents of school aged children to click the link below for some more notes from Dr. Perry! 

Get Well Wednesday: How To Help Your Kids Be Their Best At School


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