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Protesters Demand Protection for Boys Too

Genital mutilation doesn’t just happen to girls . . .

Mother looking at newborn after parturition

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To protest the genital cutting of all children, NOCIRC of Michigan is sponsoring the 6th annual Michigan March for Integrity. The March begins at noon on Saturday, September 9th in front of William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. 40 men, women and children will march to demand protection for boys from circumcision, as well as demanding professional integrity from healthcare providers who are performing, assisting, and profiting from these unnecessary genital surgeries.

“The public outcry after Dr. Jumana Nagarwala’s arrest in Michigan last April on federal charges of female genital mutilation has inspired a new and tougher Michigan law,” says Norm Cohen, Director of NOCIRC of Michigan. “However, attorneys for the defendants claim that because of the practice of male circumcision, a parent does have a right to cut some part of their daughter’s genitals.” (Detroit Free Press 5/20/2017, “Religious defense planned in landmark Detroit genital mutilation case”)

“The inconvenient truth found in the criminal complaint is that the genital cutting inflicted on the girls in Michigan was less severe than the genital cutting inflicted on over one million newborn boys every year in the United States,” Cohen continues. “This unnecessary practice violates a child’s right to bodily integrity.”

Street protesters will march to remind Michigan physicians and hospitals of their duty to protect the rights of both boys and girls in their care. The March will also inform parents about the inherent hazards of male circumcision.

“Circumcision is as harmful as it is unnecessary,” says Robert Van Howe MD, of CMU’s Health Division of Pediatrics. “Leave your son alone. He will thank you later.”

Cohen adds, “Doctors and hospitals profit by perpetuating the myth that circumcision is healthcare. It is not. It removes a normal, functioning part of a child’s genitals.”

There are over 1,900 boys circumcised each year at Royal Oak’s Beaumont Hospital, an average of 5 boys a day. In Michigan, 83% of newborn boys are circumcised (over 49,000 annually) at a cost exceeding $11 million per year. The state of Michigan spends over $3 million a year of taxpayers’ money providing 19,000 of these elective surgeries through Medicaid. Meanwhile in California, the circumcision rate has fallen to 23%.

Polls indicate that most parents decide to circumcise their sons for reasons not related to healthcare, but physicians profit from promoting it and convincing insurance companies to pay for it.

“We are informing and inspiring current and future parents and healthcare providers to say no to circumcision and yes to normal and natural genitals,” says Cohen.

More information on the September 9th march is available on the NOCIRC of Michigan event page at

NOCIRC of Michigan, Inc. is a nonprofit, consumer rights advocacy group that educates people about circumcision and about the benefits of intact genitals. For 23 years, we have informed parents and healthcare providers in Michigan about the impact of circumcision and about the proper care of intact genitals. We promote the benefits of normal genitals and foreskin restoration. We are a group of dedicated consumer activists and healthcare professionals committed to effective education, advocacy and activism on behalf of children to protect them from harm. We are part of a worldwide movement to end all forms of male and female genital mutilation.

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