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2017 CMT Music Awards - Show

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Monday Morning Kid Rock took to his Facebook page to blast Rev. Al Sharpton, NAN, Colin Kapernick, Detroit’s own Sam Riddle, and his “haters.”

Please Be Advised There is EXPLICIT LANGUAGE 

It looks like Robert Ritchie even took a shot at Rev. Anthony and the NAACP but who knows maybe it was another organization or person:

“I am however very disappointed that none of the people, businesses or charities I have so diligently supported in Detroit have had anything to say about all these unfounded attacks from these handful of jack@$%& and The Detroit Free Press.”

In case you’ve missed it, Kid Rock has been under fire for being the first show at the Little Caesars Arena, as many Detroiters feel what he stands for not only does not represent the city but is a disrespect to taxpayers and those who have long been established in the city.

However, the Sam Riddle clapback is real:

As Honorably  Discharged Vietnam-Era Vet I served 2 protect your right 2 speak out so…” If you want to know the rest you’ll have to click below:



Larry Dawson replied to the Facebook post, apparently standing behind “Cousin Bobby” in support of his elaborate note, stating he has a biracial son, how can he be a racist?

Larry Dawson How can a man that thru most of his life been surrounded in one way or another by black folks be called a racist. This same man has a son that is biracial. Also has members of his band which clearly are family to him that are black. How for the love of God is this man a racist? Just goes to show you the liberal narrative pays absolutely no attention to the facts. The big lie is easier to sell than telling the truth. Go gettem Bobby. Im an old dude but you have my support regardless of the lies. #Iknowthetruth


For some reason in case the Kid tries to delete his Facebook post, WDIV has it all ARCHIVED!

Here you go! 

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