All funerals are different, but there are some standard routines and expectations. Even when you know what to expect at a traditional funeral, you might be left with some questions about etiquette and behavior. Here are the answers to those nagging questions.

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What do I bring to a funeral or reception?

Anything you bring with you to a funeral service should be a personal item. You might need tissues if you expect to cry during the service. Plan for the weather if the service will be outside. You may need a hat, sunglasses, rain coat or umbrella. If you want to donate flowers, they should be sent in advance of the funeral, not brought with you.

For an after-service reception, the same advance planning is necessary: don’t bring food or beverage unless you have been instructed to do so. Sometimes, the reception will be potluck-style, in which case you should bring food or drink. Otherwise, contact the host to see if you could help by bringing an item. Often, grieving families are overwhelmed with food, so you don’t want to contribute unless it’s been made clear that your donation would be helpful.

What do I wear?

It’s no longer necessary to wear black to a funeral. The custom is dated and even the most traditional funerals rarely require it. Instead, focus on dressing conservatively. While choosing an outfit, ask yourself: will this call attention to me? This event is about the deceased and the family, not you.

Business casual is generally appropriate. Avoid jeans, short skirts or dresses and revealing clothing. Stick with muted colors like grey and beige.

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