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Cliff Meets Otis Williams

Source: Derek Porter / Getty

Cliff Russell, Former Host of Detroit Speaks with Cliff Russell, after the passing of Angelo Henderson, on AM 1200 WCHB News-Talk Station has unexpectedly passed away at the age of only 61.

Cliff has been in the media game for over 40 years, making strides as the first African-American press secretary for Mayor Dennis Archer as well as  being the first African American to hold the position  as senior director of communications for the Detroit Tigers in Major League Baseball history.

These were the last words on social media we would see from him less than 24 hours before the announcing of his passing, a family man indeed, he was wishing his daughter, Talitha, a happy birthday after making a special trip to Astoria Bakery.

Condolences were sent out by his brothers Mike and Greg Russell


Vickie Thomas also shared condolences with photos provided by Montez Miller during Cliff’s time at WCHB

I will forever cherish the almost 2 years I was able to produce your show and the simple opportunities you offered me such as this: Spike Lee joined Cliff Russell and Alaina Fruge to discuss Chiraq [AUDIO] or when we broke the internet by being the FIRST people to interview with Sophia Eggleston, who claimed the Hit show Empire was based on her life story. You gave me a confidence I lacked in myself and fueled me to keep reaching for the stars, because in your eyes I was already one, with a bright future ahead. We just communicated a couple weeks after the new year, I didn’t even have the chance to tell you a new opportunity I embarked on just this week, it’s more like #FrugeSunday instead of Friday but I’ll guess we’ll talk about it during our heavenly lunch (because you still owe me one, even on the other side). You are already missed Mr. Russell, I mean Cliff ; 😊

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Cliff Russell


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