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According to Front Page Editor of HuffPost, Philip Lewis, “…it feels as though most Americans have forgotten about one of the most horrifying examples of government malfeasance and environmental racism in recent memory: the Flint Water Crisis.”

On April 25, 2018 it will be FOUR years since the beginning of the Flint Water Crisis.  We all know Flint is one of the poorest and blackest cities in Michigan.

Philip went on to say, “It was heartening to see the Michigan city get some attention as a result of Will and Jaden Smith’s eco-friendly water company,  [Just Water] which has vowed to donate water to the beleaguered, majority-black city. But it reminded me that what happened in Flint, an hour north of my hometown of Detroit, has largely faded from the public eye.”


Read more of the Detroit native’s son’s insight on the forgotten city of Flint in the Huffington Post


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