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In the eight years she lived in the White House, Michelle Obama gave us a lot of reasons to love her. And since she left, she’s given us even more: From her thoughtful words about our country’s problem with sexual assault to that time she spoke out about the racism she faced as First Lady, Obama is both likable and engaged with some of the country’s most urgent cultural issues. So much so that quite a few people are hoping she’ll put her name in the race for President in 2020. (According to opinion polls, she could win, too.) (Source: Yahoo Lifestyle, Glamour, Erin Reimel) But Obama just set the record straight: She won’t be running for President, and she has a very good reason.

Glamour Hosts 'A Brighter Future: A Global Conversation on Girls' Education' With First Lady Michelle Obama

Paul Morigi

There’s been plenty of buzz about women like Obama and Oprah Winfrey running for presidential office in the next election. And although both have already shut down the possibility, rumors have still been flying that we might see them campaigning soon. It’s a hard no from the former First Lady, though, for one simple reason: She doesn’t want to be president.



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