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Bank Foreclosed Home

Source: Dana Hoff / Getty

The Coalition to End Unconstitutional Tax Foreclosures will demand compensation for the unconstitutional assessments and illegal foreclosures at the Dignity Restoration Rally and Press conference. Sonja Bonnett has received a home and we are working for others who will lost their home due to illegal assessments to receive compensation as well.

The Dignity Restoration event will take place June 14th at 2 pm on the corner of Beaverland and Majestic.
From 2011 to 2015, the Wayne County treasurer foreclosed upon about 1 in 4 Detroit properties for nonpayment of property taxes. The Great Depression was the last time in American history that we experienced this record numbers of property tax foreclosures. According to the Michigan Constitution, no property should be assessed at more than 50% of its market value. But, between 2009-2015, the City of Detroit assessed 55% to 85% of its properties in violation of its state constitution. Since property taxes were based on these ridiculous and illegally inflated numbers, it is no surprise that residents weren’t able to pay. As a result, over 100,000 working families have lost their homes, and many Detroit neighborhoods have been devastated. African-Americans have been hit hardest of all.
For more information on what out what documents to bring to United Community Housing Coalition please visit this site: 

For assistance, bring the following documents to one of the organizations listed below:

Proof of Ownership: Deed, Land Contract or Court Order

Proof of Residence: For everyone who lives in the home;

  • Current photo ID or driver’s license for all adults (18+)

  • Report card, healthcare record or other official document with address for all children

Proof of ALL Income: For everyone who lives in the home;

  • 2017 Federal and/or state income tax return (if you filed)

  • W-2, pay stubs, Social Security Income/Social Security Disability statement, pension, food stamp award letter, notarized statement from family/friend, etc.

Proof of Assets: Bank statement, 401k statement, insurance letters, etc.

Proof of Occupancy: DTE Bill and Water Bill

Proof of Expenses: Wayne County Treasurer payment plan agreement, medical bills, insurance, loans, credit cards, etc.


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