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Reparations Happy Hour successfully prompts international dialogue on

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Portland, OR -– In Portland, a City not known for racial justice organizing, an emerging organization named Brown Hope has elevated the leadership of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people on the issue of US Reparations.
The Reparations Happy Hour was a 2-hour healing and leadership event attended by 40 Black, Brown, and Indigenous individuals. Each attendee received $10 for their participation, paid for by white people in the spirit of Reparations. The event has received the attention of national and international news sources.
“This event was a huge success,” said Cameron Whitten, the event organizer and Lead Advocate for Brown Hope. “We accomplished a positive event that showed that communities can take the initiative on Reparations, instead of just waiting on the US Government.” 

This Reparations Happy Hour has catapulted dialogue from a diversity of nationalities, racial identities, and political backgrounds. In response to questions and concerns about this event, Brown Hope created this page of Frequently Asked Questions. 
Brown Hope has also put a call out to cities across the US to host similar Reparations events. 

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