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Charley heads to Jacob Boudreaux (Lea Coco) to find out why farmers are being evicted. He says it’s not malicious – it’s the EPA saying that the land is tainted with lead. And now that’s she’s a part of their business, it’s her problem to solve, too. He’s still creepy but getting a little less creepy as the show goes on. However, we’re still not convinced he’s not a snake in the grass spying for the Landrys.

By episode’s end, some things have been resolved. Ralph Angel allows Darla to take Blue to a school trip. Aunt Vi accepts the truck. Nova finds something to write about. Charley gets closer to finding out the truth about the Landrys. And Blue thanks his grandfather for bringing his mother back.


On to Episode 5, officially titled “A Little Lower Than Angels.”

Darla may be back but the family is still giving her the cold shoulder, most notably Aunt Vi, who won’t even speak to her. Come on, Aunt Vi, say your piece and let it be done. She’s Blue’s mother, regardless.

Micah has joined up with the campus activists, and they’re hanging at his house. Now you know Charley’s not feeling his new friends – named K.J., Asha and Malik. But she’s going to try to deal. Unbeknownst to her, that’s not going to be the worst thing she’ll have to deal with on this episode.

Ralph Angel and his new Vietnamese friends/boss invite him over to dinner and he enjoys both the food and the company of Trinh (Vivien Ngô). Umm, not quite feeling this storyline. It doesn’t flow seamlessly when all anyone wants to know is how Ralph Angel is going to work things out with Darla.

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