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Finally, Ralph Angel and Darla have to tell Blue that he will be living between them and that they are not getting married. Poor baby, he doesn’t take it too well. Neither does Ralph Angel, whose one-tear performance will remind you of that time Denzel shed a solo tear in Glory. Mr. Siriboe has grown so much in this role. Why do I still want Darla and Ralph Angel to tear each others clothes off and work it out somehow?

After the devastating news from Davis, Charley reaches out, but as usual, no one is there when she needs it. So she goes to Jacob Boudreaux, who is definitely checking for her. For real. They too, exchange a kiss, actually a few. He’s such a combo of smarmy and charming that it’s no wonder Charley ends up alone in a tub trying to wash away all these men and their bullshit.

It’s a wrap, Sugar babies. See ya next week!

Some notes: The pace of the show has picked up this season, but sometimes Queen Sugar still has a way of meandering along. It can also drop promising storylines and characters while glossing over essential character development. How is Nova getting along with no job and no book deal yet? At one time she was the weed hookup…what happened there?

Also, sometimes the QS Writer’s Room seems to save the best writing for Charley, who remains the most multi-dimensional character on the show. The original book is focused on her story but we need more from other characters. Ralph Angel can’t always catch an L. Darla and Davis can’t always be irredeemable and made to feel perpetually guilty.

There is an interesting dynamic here about what happens when people who marry into a family – or have children in the family – do something wrong and are then ostracized, despite their blood ties. That should be explored more.

Also, too many couples with chemistry are being broken up – Nova and almost everyone but Remy, fo example.  Calvin, played by sexy-ass Greg Vaughan, should have stayed on. Had Nova continued to see him, it would have made for a much more interesting moral dilemma for her on so many levels. While Remy/Nova has high drama potential, their chemistry isn’t that convincing.



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