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In May, total student loan debt in the US broke through another milestone, topping $1.5 trillion. That fact alone is worth noting, as it tells us that American college students continue to take on huge amounts of college debt.  (Source: Black America Web, Mellody Hobson)What really grabbed my attention was a recent report from the American Association of University Women which found that two-thirds of this debt is held by women. Overall, after completing a bachelor’s degree, women’s average accrued student debt is about $1,500 greater than men’s, and Black and Brown women take on more student debt than any other group of women, with an average of $30,000.

Young businesswoman with debts

Peter Dazeley


Click the link below for financial analyst Mellody Hobson’s take on why women are taking on significantly more debt than men.  Thee reasons why may surprise you…

Money Mondays: Why Women Take On The Most Student Debt


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