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We are keeping Michiganders informed of the current legal, financial and social issues that we face on a day to day basis. The law is interesting – but it must be viewed in light of reality!

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Some Fireworks-You Don’t Need

Of course, there is no better time to talk fireworks – like the week of July 4th. I can think of two situations where the fun and glory of the fireworks is something we’d prefer to avoid. The first is keeping “Man’s best friend” – the dog happy! The solution here is to make sure they can’t hear the fireworks! Good luck with that. For our dog friends – the good news is that July 4th is only one day per year – and even with a couple days of carryover blasts – the fireworks are gone until next year for our cherished canines.

The other type of “firework” to avoid – is the needless battles that can ensue when someone fails to have in place a proper Estate Plan. These “fireworks” can occur while living and post mortem. While living, if you become incapacitated to the extent you cannot legally act for yourself – unless you have already given someone a Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney – to act on your behalf while you are still living – your family will need to engage an attorney and have a Conservator and Guardian appointed to take care of you. This is a hassle that costs money, takes time and serves to unravel your family members who are already stressed out trying to attend to your needs. Avoiding this crisis – is simple. Do an estate plan while you’re living – which will include the Powers of Attorney you need.

There are post mortem fireworks also. Failing to have a Will and Trust prepared that addresses your assets and beneficiaries properly leads to chaos – after you are gone – often time pitting family members against each other fighting over your assets in the Probate Court. You may be resting in peace – but I assure you – your family will not be at peace when they are suing each other! Avoiding this crisis – is also simple. Do a proper Estate Plan whole you’re living.

Want to learn more? Attend our FREE upcoming Seminar this Wednesday, July 11th – in Bingham Farms – “An Estate Plan Avoids Costly Fireworks” Attendees receive a $300 Gold Certificate off the cost of any Estate Plan. To sign up – click the link below.

Enjoy the holiday week and warm sunny days – and remember – avoid the “fireworks you don’t need!”

Have a great week.


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