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People all over the country are struggling with a serious dilemma: They’re trying to get out from underneath a mountain of consumer debt, which just hit a total of $13 Trillion in the US at the end of 2017.Simultaneously, they’re woefully behind in planning for retirement as nearly half of Americans have less than $10,000 stashed away for their later years.

Us money in the hands.


Both of those goals are important, so what’s a hard-working American to do?So, is it even possible to pay down debt and save for retirement at the same time?The question of whether it’s possible or not is moot, because the sad reality is that doing so has become a necessity…(Source: Black America Web, Rob Wilson)

Rob Wilson breaks down ways that it would be possible to do both sucessfully! Click the link below for more! 

Money Mondays: Here’s How To Pay Off Debt And Save For Retirement At The Same Time


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