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Last week one of the biggest stories in Metro Detroit was unfortunately a fatal stabbing at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, MI. Danyna Gibson at just 16 years old was stabbed and killed during class last Wednesday by a former friend. The assault was reportedly over a boy that the alleged suspect, Tanaya Lanay Lewis had a relationship with. The altercation happened at the very start of the school day and before lunch, Gibson was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Fitzgerald High School and other schools around Metro Detroit have celebrated and mourned the life of Gibson since the date of her passing.

Detroit News reports that the funeral service of the late teen was held today at New St. Paul Missionary Church. Gibson was described by loved ones as a straight-A student involved with countless extra-curricular activities including band, cross-country, and student council. Authorities have accused Lewis of attacking Gibson with no remorse, having a smile on her face as she chased her down and stabbed her with a kitchen knife. Late last week Lewis was officially charged with first-degree murder in the 37th district court in Warren, and will face life in prison and be tried as an adult since she is 17 years old.

Freep reports that there was a small uproar at the funeral service, when members of Gibson’s family began to yell and argue, but the minister was able to settle every down with kind words, but it is being reported that it was simply family who were mourning the loss of a child in such an unfortunate and random incident. The family celebrated Danyna’s life and accomplishments at the service. Many wore purple to the service, which was reportedly Danyna’s favorite color, in addition to ribbons and pins. Girls from the school’s tennis team made a heartfelt presentation to Danyna’s family as well as helped carry flowers for the family. There was also a brief video displaying pictures of Danyna throughout her childhood.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Gibson family and her friends as well as the students at Fitzgerald High School who may have been tragically affected by this event. Needless to say, there is a growing need for the acknowledgment and treatment of mental health disorders in local and public schools throughout the country. Our hope is that this case brings some positivity in that regard, to prevent cases like this from happening in the future.

Pastor Christopher J. Curry ended the service with a message of positivity for the many young students in attendance, “society cannot dictate what you become — only you,”.





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