While the President likes to tout the strength of the stock market, which, by the way, started long before he took office, the fact remains that most Americans aren’t benefitting from the stock market boom. In fact, only 54% of American adults have investments in stocks, either directly or through a company sponsored retirement plan. (Source: Black America Web, Rob Wilson)

Black woman putting money into savings jars

JGI/Jamie Grill


With regard to African-Americans, the picture is even more grim. Only 36% of African-American adults have investments in stocks.Yet, throughout history stocks have proven to be one of the best tools for creating and growing wealth, so anyone who is serious about improving their financial situation should definitely include investments in the stock market as part of their overall financial plan. To learn how and why to invest properly, simply click the link below! 

Why It’s Time To Invest And How To Get Started