Erica Campbell stopped by BuzzFeed to discuss her faith and in between some cool features and questions about God, the singer and radio show host sat down with nonbelievers to talk about religion. 

Erica Campbell

While the intent wasn’t to sway their minds (it was more about understanding), she went on to share how there’s always going to be conflict and why she believes that above all, God cares about each and every one of us. (Source: Get Up Mornings, Aliya Faust)“I believe God knows you and loves,” she said. 

This is definitely a super sensitive topic for many! Click the link below and watch Erica Campbell tackle the topic of accepting and educating nonbelievers in 2018. From the perspective of someone who does believe! 

Nonbelievers Open Up To Erica Campbell About Why They Don’t Believe In God [VIDEO]