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So sometimes I wake up feeling congested or with a sore throat when it’s cold outside. And this is not necessarily because I’ve been airing myself. I make a conscious effort to avoid the cold weather. Even though it’s starting to warm up now due to it being the beginning of spring I sometimes jokingly say that i’m “allergic” to the cold. Well little did I know that this is actually a real thing!

Child With Allergy Visit Doctor.


According to medical professional Dr. Heidleberg-Barnwell , there is a very real condition that is affecting people in this way and we have been none the wiser! (Source: Black America Web, Dr. Heidleberg-Barnwell)Cold urticaria is an actual adverse bodily reaction to cold temperatures! Click the link below to find out more about this unique and bothersome condition! Some of the symptoms of cold urticaria may match your own! Video and literature below!

Are There People Who Are Really Allergic To The Cold? The Answer Is Yes


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