Marriage counseling might be the answer

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Via Madamnoire:

A wise person once gave me some very simple relationship advice: indecision is a decision. If you have been dealing with someone who purposefully keeps the relationship hot and cold, and you’re feeling uncomfortable with the start and stop, it may be time to get off the ride.

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“When people enjoy on and off relationships it’s because they are still exploring what they want versus need,” Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist and creator of Your Happiness Hypothesis Method told Elite Daily. “But knowing what type of relationship you want helps you not idealize unhealthy relationships or settle.”

A lot of times, we may stick around these people in hopes our connection will change their inconsistency, but just hanging around rarely moves someone into action if they aren’t ready.

“If they weren’t sure they could commit, you might not be the one to make them commit. Circumstances that you were aware of before getting into the relationship don’t always change,” Silva told ED.

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“Expressing how their inconsistent behavior impacts you is preventing you from further hurt in the relationship.”

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