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So in the midst of the 2019 NBA Finals, injured Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant decided to come back to the fray. Durant wanted to back to the fray to increase his team’s chances of winning the NBA Championship. Kevin Durant did indeed get off to a hot start, even scoring two 3 pointers in a row!  It looked  like Kevin Durant was on his way to a 40 or 50 point night!


Unfortunately, Keven Durant ended up going down with an injury in the beginning of the 2nd quarter. The official cause is a torn achilles , which Kevin has since had surgery on. With the general prognosis for a torn achiiles being present, he may not be able to play for a year, unfortunately. Perhaps his team, the Golden State Warriors will be able to prevail and it will all be worth it!

Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards

Rob Carr

Meanwhile Wanda Durant  has a lot to say about the situation! See Wanda Duran’t take on this catastrophic situation here!


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