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He was first their little angel before he became an angel to thousands.

An unexpected gift to Roger Lee and Ruby Mai (Beck) Henderson, Angelo B. Henderson was the last of their children. As the only child in the nest during his formative years, he was showered with love.


“I had the benefit of parents who had been through the process several times,” Angelo shared in interviews about his childhood. “They didn’t get stressed out over things that may have bothered them with my brothers and sister. It was great for me because I got to share in what was important to them”.


Family and church were important to his mother, who made her transition in 2009. His father, who passed in 1996, was unquenchably curious.


“At one time he had a police scanner and he would try to figure out the codes and find out what was happening where,” Angelo told the Kentucky Alumnus magazine.  “Dad loved detective shows on TV and would try to figure out who the murderer was.”


And so Angelo inherited his love of God from his mother and his journalist’s curiosity from his father. He embodied their spirits and became so much more – a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who wrote about issues impacting society – and later was a voice for society’s unfortunate.

Angelo was always smiling.

Angelo always had a kind word for everybody.

And when Angelo entered a room, everyone know he was there.

He had a presence that made an everlasting impression.

On his family.

On his friends.

On an industry

On society.

Angelo was Detroit’s angel.

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