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Some of these I’ve been tired of  hearing for a long time! ~Randi  From Relevant Magazine

Go With The Flow

13 Things to Stop Saying In 2013

It’s time to delete these turns of phrase from your vocabulary.

Well-known philosopher, role model and moralist, Kesha Rose Sebert (a.k.a. Ke$ha) in an interterview with Newsweek said, “I don’t really plan what comes out of my mouth, and that’s what makes most of my lyrics entertaining.” As carefree, gritty and edgy as that makes Ke$ha sound, not planning what comes out of your mouth may be the worst idea since not looking where you’re going. It matters greatly how we manage our mouths. So here to help is a by no means exhaustive guide to words and phrases that might be better left unsaid.

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Mad Bro? If they weren’t before, they are now. Plus, what about all the sistas?

Housewives We desperately need a break from this word—at least for a while. Not that it can’t be redeemed, but the television bludgeoning it has received of late has been tragic: “Oh Housewives? I know about those! Which ones though? The real ones or the desperate ones?”

“Calm DOWN!” This little jewel is a surefire way to demonstrate your inability to stay calm in the face of others who can’t stay calm. Scientists call that self-sustaining frenzy.

“You Always . . .” We married folks know the danger of this phrase and its evil twin sister, “You Never . . .” They’re just too easily disproven. You’re asserting this person has and will continue to carry on said action at every opportunity into eternity; that is a long time. So stick with more provable phrases like, “Sometimes it seems like you . . .” or “I noticed once last week you . . .”

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