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Bucks man fails to have dog get food stamps (thumbnail)

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com

Imagine your running an errand and you take your household pet with you, a dog.  While your out, the dog is left in the car.  Time goes by and eventually your pet that you love becomes impatient.  Then, the pet precedes to climb from the backseat to the driver seat and sits in front of the steering wheel.  This happened to a man, but what seemed as a normal reaction to a pet locked into a vehicle became weird when the dog put his paw on the steering wheel and sounded the horn.  Hilarious!  Check out the video below of this incident that became viral, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!


LHS: Headline Tuesday…..Dog Honks Horn Because Owner Was Taking Too Long! [VIDEO] was originally published on

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