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GALLERY: Behind The Scenes At The White House (thumbnail)

Courtesy of MSNBC Dot Com

A White House intruder that breached the walls earlier this month was able to get further than the outside grounds according to recent news reports.  Omar Gonzalez, was able to overpower a Secret Service officer at the front door and made it through the East Room where he was  finally apprehended in the Green Room by another Secret Service agent.  An official told the newspaper that an alarm box that alerts of intruders near the entrance of the White House was put on mute as a request from the usher’s office.  The President and his family were not home at the time of the incident.  This information comes forward after the report during the weekend of an shooting outside of the White House in 2011 where the media and public were told that it was gang activity in the area, but the real story is a gunman was parked outside and was firing his rifle into the second floor section of the White House.  Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has spoken to a House Oversight Committee about the situation and promised to launch a full investigation.


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