Who doesn’t love to eat? I don’t know of anyone, that’s for sure.

While there’s nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying tempting treats and filling yourself with savory meals, there are some bad eating habits that could be ruining your health. Here are 5 of them you should stop. (

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1. Eating Until You’re Stuffed

If you eat until you feel like you’re going to explode, that’s too much. If you have to unsnap your pants to continue, you’ve gone too far. If you find yourself sighing and saying, “Whew! I’m stuffed,” and can barely move after getting up from the table, then you’re over-stuffing yourself. You want to eat until you’re satisfied, but don’t overdo it. Try having that one plate or single slice, or recommended serving size, and then drinking a glass of water.

2. Continuing To Eat Just Because “It’s So Good”

If you’re guilty of this, raise your hand. Have you ever had a dessert or meal that was so tasty you just wanted to eat and eat, and eat some more? We all know that feeling, which is why you can’t let feelings rule you. There’s nothing wrong with savoring the taste and appreciating a deliciously cooked dinner, or that yummy slice of pizza. But if you find yourself going back for more, even when your body is full, just because it’s so good, that’s a problem. Be sure to set boundaries and limit your intake.

3. Snacking Out Of Boredom

It’s a lazy afternoon. You don’t have much planned, so you grab some chips, takeout, sweets, or whatever you like to chow down on to pass the time. Don’t ever do that. Food is fuel for your body, not entertainment. Eat at mealtime. If you’re bored, go read, or tackle a project you’ve been procrastinating over. Back away from the snacks, because if you remain undisciplined in your eating, that will lead to bigger problems in the end.


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