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One day, several years ago, as I was walking out of the mall, a cart ran over my big toe and ripped the nail out of the skin.

Yes, it was as painful as it sounds. (

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The delivery man rolling the silver storage unit on wheels was apparently headed into the department store I’d just left. He was responsible for transporting a large number of boxes containing merchandise. They were stacked so high, the packages obscured his vision.

Though I have never been tall, even had I been above average height, there is no way he could have seen me, but he most certainly heard me.

“Ow!” I cried out involuntarily, grabbing my right foot. Though I wanted to be strong, especially in a public place, tears instantly and uncontrollably flowed from my eyes. The stinging, burning, aching sensation was too overwhelming.

He looked mortified when he realized what he had done. I was embarrassed by my own tearful response. Yet, the agony that accident caused was excruciating.

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Though I told him it was okay, that statement was nullified by my inability to walk. I had to be helped inside the store. Once I sat down in a chair, a manager rushed over to me. We removed my shoe and noticed my foot was a bloody, butchered mess. Concerned, the store boss questioned me about what had occurred.

Before I knew it, I was whisked away to a back office, where I had to fill out paperwork and promise to report back to them once I went to see a doctor.

I truly didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I consented.

When I went to have the injury looked at, it was pretty nasty. The doctor had to perform minor outpatient surgery. I was told to stay off my foot for about a week, given some pain meds and extra dressing to change the bandages daily.

I was messed up.

Well, after a couple weeks, I felt good as new. It took a while for the nail to grow back in, but at least it was no longer throbbing. That’s all that mattered to me.

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A few months later, I was opening the mail and noticed an envelope from an unfamiliar sender. When I looked inside, there was a check, compensating me for my medical expenses, along with a few extra dollars for my trouble. I had forgotten all about the medical report I had submitted to the retailer. It felt good to get that unexpected financial payment as an acknowledgment of the suffering I had endured.

It didn’t come right away. But when it did, it was a blessing to me and my family.

I believe a blessing is going to come to you and your family as well.

In life, you have been hurt along the way. You have gone through things unexpectedly and have suffered through difficult seasons. But the good news is God is going to pay you back. Your struggle was not all in vain and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

God has heard your cries, seen your tears and evaluated your circumstances. He knows very well what you have been dealing with and has no plans to overlook your distress. When you least expect it, He is going to repay you.



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