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As Chris Rock said, “Daddy gets the biggest piece of chicken” and that’s it. Your dad is probably tired of you getting him ties and the same cologne gift set from Macy’s year after year. I’m sure there are way more creative and practical things that your dad would love. Let’s hook Dad up this year with these awesome gift ideas. We’ll be sure not to break your pockets too much, but if we do, just remember it’s for your father.

Sound Bar

wireless subwoofer

Your dad spends countless hours in front of the TV set. Why not make it worth his while and invest in a quality sound system that will make that swish in the net even louder and clear. Check out the VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer. The wireless features allow for a cord-free hook up, so he won’t have to worry about tripping over anything. This sound system has Bluetooth capability which allows you to stream music from a phone, tablet or computer.

Oak Bottle and The Levitating Cup

levitating cup

Having a drink after a hard days work is often the icing on the cake for a father. Take dad’s drinking experience to the next level with the Oak Bottle and Levitating Cup. Using oak barrels to bring out the finer taste in wine and spirits used to be something only certain winemakers had access to. This company has found a way to extend the experience. This Oak Bottle takes your wine or spirit of choice and adds more flavor and texture to your drink. Check out this video to see the process.

The Levitating Cup is the ultimate pop-your-collar experience to show off to the family. Imagine your dad sitting back in his famous chair, sipping an oak infused drink and instead of using a coaster he uses this cool Levitating Cup to hold it there in mid-air. AWESOME. See this wonder of science in action.

Wooden Bowtie

wooden bowtie

Genius idea. Dad loves to get clean when he steps out on the town. If you’re going to get a tie for Father’s Day grab this Wooden Bowtie. It’s literally made out of wood. You can even visit the website and design your own custom-made wooden bowtie. This site also makes wood-brimmed fedoras.

Warby Parker Glasses

warby parker glasses

Are you tired of dad wearing those same ugly glasses that your friends made fun of him for when he would pick you up from school? Warby Parker offers extremely stylish glasses at affordable prices. There’s no reason to pay over $300 for a stylish pair of spectacles when you can just grab a pair for $95.

Flotation Tank Experience

flotation tank

If your dad soaks his feet in epsom salt then he’ll love sitting in a tank filled with 800 pounds of it all over his body. This is going to trip you out, but I promise you it’s a life changing experience. A floatation tank is an 8′ (l) x 4′(w) x 4′ (h) enclosed structure which diminishes light and sound. Each tank holds 10 inches of water with 800 lbs. of dissolved epsom salts, which enable a person to float on top of water. This isn’t a joke. You’re floating on top of water. I’ve tried it twice and the experience is transformative. You’ll be a less stressed, your joints and muscles will be relaxed and your mental clarity will be off the chain. Buy your dad a 60 minute session and watch a new man come out. Check out this site to get more information.

Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner Gas Grill


This last gift is really a gift that keeps on giving. You know daddy likes to throw down on the grill. This gas grill is very affordable and has a lot of cool features to make grilling those BBQ ribs and chicken easier. The porcelain-grates are rust resistant and easy to clean. Your dad won’t have to spend hours trying to get the grill ready now. This summertime favorite comes with a one-button start that will immediately get the party started without matches. There’s 660 square inches of total cooking area complete with a side-grilling station to heat up the side dishes make this a no-brainer buy for Father’s Day.

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