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Race relations and police brutality have been longstanding topics of debate and relevance. But this has been even more so as of late. Civilians Philando Castle and Alton Sterling were both killed by police officers this month amidst debatable circumstances. In addition to this, several police officers were shot and killed in an apparent act of retaliation . More than ever, people are searching for sources of inspiration and positive words. Some feel that it’s always the responsibility of a public figure to speak out on such issues, others not so much. Nonetheless a response did come. Last night, several of the NBA’s best and brightest spoke out about current racial tensions and public responsibility. (Bleacher Report, Joseph Zucker)

Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James got on stage together and inspired. “We all have to do better.” said LeBron James. Chris Paul added, saying “We stand here accepting our role in uniting communities. ” . Wade and Anthony were also very outspoken about the situation as well as WNBA player Maya Moore of the Minnesota Lynx .  Hopefully this awesome trend of athletes getting involved in our societal standards continues to spread .


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