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“For my father, impossible is just the starting point.”, said Donad Trump Jr., who is the oldest of Trump’s five children.  During this election, Trump had been the favorite at least for the Republican Party. Donald Trump has visibly gotten enormous support from his family. His wife Melania gave a much-talked about speech on Monday night that soon became a hot topic of controversy. Donald Trump has mentioned that we are in the midst of a movement. I suppose for Americans everywhere,this is all a matter of opinion.

((Sources: – AP writers, Jonathan Lemire, Kathleen Hennessey and Steve Peoples contributed to this report.

When it comes to showmanship , Donald Trump is definitely one of the best. The people who follow and support him, do so almost blindly. In 2016 , the political landscape is more open than ever before, with a Dark Horse candidate like Donald Trump making his way to the top.  We’ll be sure to post updates as developments unfold. Click below to read more:

Donald Trump Is Officially Nominated As Republican Presidential Candidate

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