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Your body is your temple and we would all do well to remember. Along with our bodies the state of our mind and spirit are also just as important.` Caroline Sumlin does a great job of breaking down these 3 components.

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“In college, I was barely eating. I skipped meals to make time for all of my activities, and when I did eat, I only ate cereal, ramen noodles, and fries from the dollar menu at fast-food restaurants. Talk about nutritious! However, I realized that I wanted to be energized to do work for God’s Kingdom, but the way I was fueling my body was leaving me tired, weak, and lethargic. It was time for a diet change.”, Sumlin says.(Source: Urban Faith , Caroline Sumlin)

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“I recommend writing down areas in your life that you can see as mind clutter. For me, it’s social media, my busy schedule, and a constant need for perfectionism. Once you figure out what your areas are, write down ways to clear your mind from these things.”

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“Finally, it is important to feed your spirit. It is the spirit of The Lord that lives inside of you. It is the spirit that God intricately created that makes you, YOU. It is your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Feeding this area of your temple is so important.” To see the entire article and to get Caroline Sumlin’s full perspective on the temple of the mind , body and spirit.



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