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One of the most important items that we have with us on an everyday basis is our phones. There are so many things that are tied to our phones. Social media, messaging, family , friends, our bank statements, travel reservations and so on. So while it is important for many of us to have important information at our fingertips, at some point , we will need some type of separation. Phone/life balance is imperative .

Afro american guy using smart phone on the street

If you’re like me, you probably spend way too much time on your phone. And you’re not happy about it. (Source : Relevant Magazine, Andrew Blackburn)

Woman listening to music in the nature.

You don’t like the way it sucks your attention away from more important things (and people), the power it has over you, the impulse you feel to pull it out anytime it’s quiet for more than 10 seconds. So you decide you’re going to do something about it—through sheer willpower and determination, you are going to break through your phone’s grip on your life. Click the link below for some surefire ways to regain control of your phone habits.


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