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Many of us struggle with the need for another person’s approval.

It can come so easilythis worrisome preoccupation with “what do they think of me?” Social media brings out this tendency further in us, causing many people to post only the best photos and videos of themselves, leaving others with the concern that their lack of posts or comments will be noticed. We rememberoften feel scarredby times we felt rejected or judged many years ago. (Source: Jade Mazarin, Relevant Magazine)

Purity Ring Ceremonies

For many of us, the desire to impress other people and find value from their attention seems to be wired into the foundation of our being.

One could almost say that simply being human opens us to the temptation to look for our worth from other people rather than from God. Yet, there was one human on this earth who didn’t seem to suffer this temptationor who at least, didn’t succumb to it.

Hands of man holding holy bible and wooden rosary with magical rays

Click the link below to read about challenging situations Jesus was in and how he dealt with them. He always knew his purpose and never felt the need to compromise his path or his calling.


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