In an article written for Empowering Everyday Women, Latoya Harris explained, “One day, I was so sad, bored and lonely. I literally felt like nothing was going right in my life. I spent the early part of my afternoon crying, eating Cheetos and watching Lifetime. Pretty pathetic, I know.

I was not the victorious Christian everyone imagined me to be that day. So, you know what I did instead of praying and getting myself together? I put on some makeup, dolled myself up, found some good lighting, fake-smiled into my phone camera, and posted the picture on Instagram.

I could always get a quick shot of approval from my 200 or so followers who lavished me with compliments, telling me how pretty I was and how awesome my life appeared. I gobbled those affirmations up quicker than I sucked up those Cheetos!

Posing for the perfect selfie

Source: AleksandarNakic / Getty

The picture I had touched up with my Facetune app to make it even better got about 48 likes, which was more than the 6 I usually averaged. That was enough for me to feel good about myself for a few minutes of the day and convince others I had it all together. One of my followers even added “#Goals” to her comment, which meant my beauty and lifestyle was what she aspired to.

Well, after I finished patting myself on the back, smiling, refreshing my browser to see how many more likes or comments I received, the Holy Spirit convicted me for being fake.

At first, I brushed this off. I reasoned my way out of listening to the Lord’s urging by asking, what can be so bad about projecting an image online of happiness and excitement? That’s a good thing! But I knew I was faking. The more I resisted those strong feelings of conviction, the stronger they got. Just great. I knew I was going to have to listen.

That’s when I decided to surrender, put the Cheetos away, lay my phone down, pull out my Bible and prepare to hear what thus said the Lord.”

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