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Sometimes being domineering an/or aggressive is not where true power lies. Compassion and spreading positive vibes are both sometimes more powerful than being the strongest. Soft power can overpower brute strength Tina Campbell gives us a great example of the lesson.

2016 BMI Trailblazers Of Gospel Music Award Show

Paras Griffin

“In this edition of Love TalkingTina Campbell takes the reigns and explains how she realized that love as much more useful than hate. She opens up about how she healed after infidelity in her marriage, and how she used to be advocate for revenge, and being able to get a person back. But she realized one day that that method actually doesn’t even work.” (Source : Get Up Erica, Erica Campbell)

Tina Campbell

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Love conquers all. Click the link below to listen to Tina’s message about love!

Love Talking: Tina Campbell On How God Empowers Us To Love [EXCLUSIVE]



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