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Michigan City Ranked Among The Best For Ice Skating

Winter is here, so it's time to bring the cold weather gear out of storage. In Michigan, for those who don't play hockey all year, this specifically means ice skates. In fact, LawnStarter published a list detailing the best cities for ice skating in America, and a Michigan city ranked in the top 10. This may be surprising, but the city is not Detroit. "We looked for cities with plenty of access to ice rinks, skating lessons, and hockey equipment," LawnStarter said when explaining how they compiled their list of cities. They also analyzed Google search trends, considered weather conditions, and the popularity of the local hockey teams. It will come as no surprise, however that Michigan as a whole produced favorable results. In fact, Detroit did get ranked as well and finished with a great score, coming in at #17. Grand Rapids Is The 8th Best Ice Skating City Finishing right behind Chicago and right above Denver, Grand Rapids was carried by its great skating climate score. Rink access was also a high mark for this Michigan city that is among the ice skating areas in America. In terms of team popularity, Grand Rapids has a few options. Of course, the Detroit Red Wings are an iconic name in the NHL. However, Grand Rapids also has the Griffins of the American Hockey League (an affiliate of the Red Wings). The Griffins home ice is right in town at the Van Andel Arena. "Whether you enjoy figure skating, hockey, or speed skating, winter is the best time to bundle up and head to your local ice rink," LawnStarter says. In fact, a great place to partake in any of that is the Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink. The season here opens this week (November 30) and remains open through February. Furthermore, it is an inexpensive cost to hit the ice. An adult ticket is just $4, and kids under $7 can skate for $2. Reservations can be made to reserve your ice time in advance, or walk-ups are accepted as well. [select-listicle listicle_id="675812" syndication_name="michigan-winter-wonderland-unique-activities" description="yes"]

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