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Part of New Oval Office Décor Has a Detroit Connection!

President Biden has been redecorating the Oval Office . . .  removing "diet Coke buttons" and what-not . . . and making the room, where he'll meet other world leaders and dignitaries, resemble his own image. One of the newest additions of artwork is a bronze bust of Rosa Parks created by world-renowned artist and Detroit resident, Artis Lane! Miss Lane is 94-years old and as a painter and sculptor, her work has been commissioned by world leaders and influencers, from past presidents to Nelson Mandela to Michael Jordan! She also produced a series of bronze portraits for the Soul Train Awards and designed the original logo for the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Sculpting Rosa Parks was different than working with most subjects for the artist . . . mainly because the civil rights hero posed for it in Lane’s back yard! They met when they were both young women marching in Detroit. In 1999, she designed Rosa Parks' Congressional Medal of Honor. Parks was there with Lane when the piece was unveiled at the Smithsonian in 1991, where it’s been on public display for 40 years. And now it’s in the Highest Office in the Land! What an honor!