March 31st, 2020

In Aug 2017 we decided to do a show that would be thought-provoking, impactful and inspiring. A show that endeavors to motivate and encourage it’s listeners to be more and do more than they ever thought they could. Today, 150 shows and 20,000 streams later I believe we have done exactly that. But, we are certainly not done. There is still alot more ground yet to cover and more things that we want to accomplish with this show. I am grateful for all of the support that we have garned from our listeners as well as the guests that we have been blessed to have on the show. It has truly been a remarkable journey. 

Tonight, we plan to share excerpts from three interviews that help to really define what a show is all about; Empowerment, Civic Engagement & Activism. These are 3 pillars of our show that are very important to us, and are the driving force behind the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show. We also plan to share more about these three pillars through the excerpts of the interviews.  And, of course we have another dyamic Thought of the Week designed especially for the occassion as well. We’re calling it the “Gift of Adversity” this is really a spiritual observation from being quarantined because of the COVID-19 virus. Tonight show is definitely appointment listening, and we hope you do just that. Talk to you soon!

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