8am Lets Talk: Cliff Huxtable, Kavanaugh Hearings & The Comedian in Chief

October 3rd, 2018

In this special “Let’s Talk” edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show we will be discussing three hot topics that we believe deserve our undivided attention. Our first topic is Cliff Huxtable Goes To Prison, which also happens to be our newest blog post. And, in it, we discuss Bill Cosby’s recent sexual assault conviction, his prison sentence and what will be the residual impact of this on his legacy as a comedian, actor, community activist, and philanthropist.  We also plan to talk about the 3 ring circus surrounding the Supreme Court nomination hearings of Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and how the Republicans continue to make a mess of this. We discuss what’s at stake for Republicans, Democrats & the American people if the Senate Judiciary Committee chooses to move forward with Kavanaugh nomination, and what will be the long-term effect of Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure if he indeed becomes the next Supreme Court Justice. PLUS, we want to talk about the debacle of a speech the Comedian in Chief. Pres. Trump gave on the world’s stage in front of the leaders of the United Nations, and how he actually got the response he deserved, but is the world really laughing at him or us? We plan to discuss these topics and so much more and the next edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show.

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