8am Mental Health & Bullying feat. Licensed Counselor Dr. Hakeem Lumumba

August 15th, 2018

In just a couple of weeks, our precious youth will be heading back to school and with that comes a whole host of things that we as parents, have to prepare for. Bullying is still happening in today’s schools and even in our communities. In fact, it has also taken on a new form with the advent of the Internet and social media called “Cyber-Bullying.” And, we wanted to discuss this highly controversial topic with a trained professional. Dr. Hakeem Lumumba is a trained and professional Counselor and Psychologist who counsels young people who have mental and emotional problems including bullying. In this interview, Dr. Lumumba not just talks about his years of experience working with youth with mental health issues, but preventive measures and tips for parents to watch for in order for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are very pleased to share this interview with you and we hope that it will be beneficial to you. Please do us a favor and be sure to share this insightful interview with your family and friends. 

In addition, we also talk about Charlottesville 1yr later, last week’s election results from the Michigan Primary and what’s coming up in November, as well as the 73 shootings in Chicago two weekends ago, plus a whole lot MORE.

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