8am Women In Politics: A Conversation With Rev. Marcia L. Dyson Pt 1.

January 30th, 2019

2018 was dubbed the “Year of the Woman” because of the #MeToo Movement and the Women’s March. And, this year seems to be a continuation of that momentum, especially in the political arena. In Jan we saw the highest percentage of female congressional members in our nation’s history sworn in as apart of the 116th Class of Congressional Delegates. This insurgence of women in the political spectrum is due in large part to the #Metoo Movement and the Women’s March. However, what are some of the other driving forces behind this increase in women in the political arena? Will we see this trend continue? What are the greatest challenges facing women moving forward? We discuss these questions and many more with the Political Activist, Champion of Female Empowerment, Noted Speaker and Minister Reverend Marcia Dyson. This is an in-depth and impactful conversation about the subject of “Women In Politics” with someone who has been fighting for women’s rights for many years. In our discussion, we talk about new Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, what should we do about Trump, we will ever see a Woman President and a whole more. You don’t want to miss part 1 of the power-pack conversation.

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