“A Beautiful Conspiracy” feat. CHH Artist L3XDIVINE

September 14th, 2021

Join us this week as we talk with CHH Artist L3XIDVINE, She’s a gifted and talented Woman of God that can sing as well as rap, and ladies and gents she’s got BARZZZ!!!! L3Xidivine is L3XDIVINE was recognized for a video series titled #EMCEEMONDAY where she would spit a “Hot 16” each week, with the iPhone she was instructed (by Holy Spirit) to buy with her last paycheck. She landed gigs in Vegas through church events, Guerilla Cross, and other various sources. She became even more familiar to the CHH community through the project EL V. Envy by JGivens and through competing at “The Rap Showcase” held at Legacy Conference in Chicago, IL.  Her music began to receive attention from platforms such as Trackstarz, Rapzilla, Forth District, and more. In 2017 she created a stage for women through Legacy Fest titled She’s Next, as a way to shed light on the under-representation of women in the Christian Hip Hop Community, and more recently won the Jackson Pollock challenge held by Andy Mineo! The beginning has arrived for L3XDIVINE and we are excited as she impacts the world, reconciling generations back to Christ. And, we are very excited to be sharing her music as well as her ministry with you! 

PLUS, we will be sharing a powerful Thought of the Week entitled, “A Beautiful Conspiracy” inspired by our recent interview with CHH Artist L3XIDVINE. And, we have will be sharing a new sponsor of Thinking Out Loud Radio Show Podcast in this week’s episode as well. Lot to talk about and discuss in this week’s show and we hope you will take some time and check it out!

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