A Time for Action feat. 19yr old Attorney, Advocate, & Activist Haley Taylor Schlitz

May 28th, 2022

This week’s episode is dedicated to the 19 children and two teachers of Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX that fell prey to a derange 18yr old gunman. We are taking time in today’s episode to discuss this tragic event that took place just a few days ago, and the nation is still reeling from yet another mass shooting. Our guest on this week’s episode is a brilliant and accomplished young lady who is also the youngest, Juris Doctorate in our nation’s history, advocate and activist, Haley Taylor Schlitz is here with us to share her thoughts on what happened and where do we go from here. In addition, to Haley being a former guest on the podcast, she was selected in 2020 by iconic singer Beyonce as her “This Is Black History” honoree. And, later that year she was also selected by then Vice-President Joe Biden as a delegate for the Democratic National Convention. We are so very excited to have Haley Taylor Schlitz back with us on the show this week. 
PLUS, we have another dynamic Thought of the Week in store for you, especially for those who might be searching for answers to life’s questions. This week’s thought is entitled, “In God We Trust.” This is a definitely a message that is guaranteed to bless you. We hope this week’s show helps to shad some light on the what’s happening in our world, and led you to the one that truly has all of the answers. 

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