“Are We Beating A Dead Horse?”

September 29th, 2021

This week we plan to tackle what we believe to be very important issues that we also believe are directly related. The question of this week’s show is one i’m sure you’ve heard before. “Are we beating a dead horse?” We not only discuss the identity or the subject matter of this proverbial dead horse, but also the issues that we believe to be directly related. Firstly, the atrocities taking place at the Mexican border related to the Haitian refugees coming to this country escaping the terror and turmoil happening in their own country. And, the inept and vicious response that they recieved from our goverment; border patrol agents photographed on horseback whipping the Haitian immigrants as if they were chattel slaves. Deplorable! 

We also discuss another emerging problem within our community of missing persons and the disparity that exists between the media attention that White missing person’s recieve versus their Black counterparts. All of this seemed to have sprung out of the high profile missing person case of the Gabby Petito; young white woman traveling with her fiancee that mysterially dissappeared, but later was found dead. Her financee is still at large. This case recieved quite a bit of media attention which some in the Black Community believe lead to the quick discovery of her remains. Whlle, Black graduate Jelani Day and others like him, go mssing for months and some for even longer than that with barely any media coverage at all. We discuss this as well as the underlying thread that seems to join this two very different issues together. 

PLUS, we have a dynamic Thought of the Week in store for you. We share a very powerful poem from one of Black History’s greatest Poet Laureate Langston Hughes entitled, “Let America Be America Again!” A poem that we believe fits very appropriately with the theme of this week’s show. We also talk a little Spartan Football as well,

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