July 7th, 2020

Tonight, we continue with our theme of “Black Lives Matter” as we discuss three hot topics require our attention. First, we plan to talk about Kanye’s West announcement to run for President this fall. Do you think this is a joke; like many others do,  or is there more behind this announcement? In addition, we plan to talk about controversial Conservation Talk Show Host Candace Owens, who continues to spew vitriol and venom towards the Black Community about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Is she a cancer to our community or does she really have something to say? And, finally, we share the story of WNBA Star Maya Moore who is arguably one of the greatest athletes of our time, who sacrificed here career for an incarcerated Black man. This is a powerful story of redemption and second chances, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

PLUS, in recognition of July 4th, we have a special Thought of the Week from the decedents of iconic Abolitionists Frederick Douglas; who delivered a famous address on the 4th of July over 160 years ago. Hear his descendants deliver excerpts from this speech as well as their thoughts about their iconic ancestor during tonight’s Thought of the Week. Needless to say, we have another great show for you tonight, and we hope you tune in. See you at 8pm.

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