Crisis & Quarantined

March 25th, 2020

Tune in to tonight’s show as we continue our discussion of the coronavirus and the impact it’s having around the world. We will be talking about Politics & the Coronavirus and how even in this time of crisis, poltiicians are trying ot take advantage of this situation and prey on the vulunerable citizens of this country. Congress and Senate have come together with a 2 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package that intends on putting money in the hands of the American people. We plan to discuss the specifics of this bill and what can we expect from it during tonight’s show. In addition, we also plan to talk about some of the creative ways people are using this time to engage one anoither on social media while they are being quarantined. DJ D-Nice & Michelle Obama have partnered in a great way to register people to vote and they are doing it in a very unique way. We will discuss this on tonight as well. And, finally we will be sharing with you our Top 5 things that you can do while being quarantined at home. 

Plus, we have another dynamic Thought of the Week in store for yu as well. We are calling it Christ & Corona. During this time of crisis, people are worried and panicking, but we as people of God have nothing to fear. This is time were our faith should increase and our belief in God should be at its maximum capacity. This is word you definitely do not want to miss! Be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm and be blessed!

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