December 6th, 2022

Yes…IT’S BEEN A WHILE, but WE’RE BACK! We missed you, and we know you missed us. We’ve got another great show in store for you with a plethora of great topics and great discussion in store for this week’s episode. 

We kick off this week’s show discussing the historic election of Congressman Hakeem Jeffries as the 1st Black Leader of the Democratic Party. Congressman’s Jeffries historic election mark’s the first the time an African American has been elected as the leader of any major political party. This is an indeed a great moment in our nation’s history and an even greater moment in Black History, and we take the time today to discuss it. Speaking of history, we also discuss the controversial photograph of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones taken in 1957 as he stands outside  Little Rock North Highschool with a group of other White boys blocking the entrance of 6 Black boys attempting to integrate this public school. Journalist Jemele Hill discusses this photo and L.A. Laker Lebron James response to the media  regarding their seemingly lack of interest in this story, as well as his point of view. And, finally rounding our the the 3 topics we discuss in this week’s edition, we talk about Football Coach Deon Sanders, better known as Coach Prime, and his success as the head coach at Jackson State University and becoming the new head coach at the University of Colorado. 3 great topics of discussion for this week’s edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show.

PLUS, we’ve got a powerful motivational story from Comedian, Actor, Radio & TV Host Steve Harvey entitled, “Never Give Up!” This is an incredible story of determination, courage and faith that is an empowering example of not just the kind of faith that you’ve got to have in yourself, but most importantly the kind of faith you must have in God. Needless to say, this is a phenomenal show this week and we hope that you set aside some time to listen. 

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