“Let’s Talk Reparations” feat. Pastor Demeris Johnson & Atty Knechi Taifa Pt. 1

May 11th, 2021

The next two weeks are going to be tremendously powerful, because we are carving out time to discuss a topic that i’m sure has been on the minds of many African Americans for a long time now, and that is reparations. Reparations is and has always been a hot topic in the Black Community, and we have two very important people to unpack this weighty topic on the show. Demeris Johnson, is a former NFL Wide Reciever turned Pastor that has recently shifted his focus from sports to writing his latest book “Reparations Now & Why” and he believes wholeheartedly that now is the time that we as a community will collect on what’s owed to us for 400yrs of slavery. We also have noted Activist & Attorney Knechi Taifa, who is been working tirelesslyy for 50yrs campaigning for the restititution that she also believe is owed to us as a people. Her book “Black Power & Black Lawyer” chroniciles her efforts and others to advocate for reparations for Black People. This week’s episode is just Pt.1 in this series that we are calling “Let’s Talk Reparations.” And, we delve into everything from the Black Power Movement & the Black Panthers, Marcus Garvey & Malcolm X to Police Brutality & George Floyd, and the viciousness of the Trump era. 

PLUS, we have got a dynamic Thought of the Week entiltled, “Encouage Yourself.” This is definitely a message for those of who have been looking for a pat on the back, looking for a word of encoureagement from someone else, God is saying to us on today, that you can be your own cheerleader. Toot your own horn, pat your own self on the back, encouage yourself in the Lord.  Make sure you listen & subscribe to the podcast.

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