Life After COVID-19

June 23rd, 2021

In this week’s edition of the podcast, we discuss a wide-range of topics, starting with the sexual abuse scandal brewing at the University of Michigan involving deceased Dr Robert Anderson and iconic footbal coach Bo Shembechler. We discuss this scandal to highlight the Michigan bias that seems to be permeating over Ann Arbor. Supporters of the program seem more interested in protecting the brand and the name of their sainted coach instead getting to bottom of the over 800 cases of sexual abuse levied against this university. We also talk about the passage of the Juneteenth Holiday signed into law by President Joe Biden, making Juneteenth a National Holiday in this country. Does this bring us closer to reparations? What else do you think Pres. Biden can do to right the wrongs levied against Black America? Plus, we talk about life afer COVID-19. With states now lifting the restrictions on social distancing and wearing mask, becuase more Americans are choosing to get vaccinated, are we starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel?  Are we finally seeing the end of this global pandemic? Ww discuss this and plenty more on this week’s edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show & TV show. 

PLUS, in tribute to all of the father’s around the country, we have a very powerful Thought of the Week entitled, “Father’s Knows Best.” This is guaranteened to inspire and encoueage fathers everywhere as we celebrate and temember them for their tremendous sacrifice and labor of love for their families. Join me this week as we share our thoughts on a number of different hot topics. You can follow us @TOLRadioHostMSN or send us an email at [email protected] to leave your comments about anything we discuss during this week’s show. Hope you listen and  hope to hear from you soon!

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